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I found a new Web 2.0 tool that is pretty cool.  It is a free virtual classroom called WizIQ.  You must create an account to be able to use the virtual classroom, but it is free.  You can create meeting times and invite other members to attend.  It allows you hold live meetings with audio and video.  It also has a text chat area.  It allows you upload content that will show up in the content area for everyone in the room to see.  It has a great eBoard toolbar with all kinds of visual tools to use to make annotations on top of your content (very impressed by the amount of options on the toolbar).  It has a tabbed content interface to allow you to have multiple content open at the same time.  It has a large set of math symbols to use as well.  When I tested it with a colleague the audio and video worked very well.

The meetings are archived, but I couldn’t figure out how long the archives would be available for me to view.  There are some other things that would be nice to have, such as application sharing, breakout rooms, and a call-in phone number for users that might not have a microphone.  With that said, for a free application, this is a very nice.  There is a premium membership that you can pay $49.95/year for additional features.

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