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Pros and Cons of Using Second Life in Higher Education


Recently, at the Creating Futures through Technology Conference in Biloxi, MS, me and my colleagues gave a presentation titled, “Does Second Life Belong in Higher Education?”

As novice users ourselves, we wanted to evaluate what we felt are the pros and cons of using Second Life in education.  Our hope was give our audience some things to think about when trying to decide whether to incorporate this as an educational tool.

We presented arguments for and against using Second Life in higher education classrooms. We discussed how current institutions are integrating Second Life into instruction, including the hybrid mashup of Second Life and Moodle called Sloodle. We also showed the audience an example of an educational community within Second Life as well as educational resources that are available for the use of Second Life.   The slides from our presentation are below.

Second Life Presentation Cfttc 09
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