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The Use and Impact of Podcasting in Higher Education

Recently, at the 2009 Creating Futures Through Technology, me and one of my colleagues presented the following presentation on “The Use and Impact of Podcasting in Higher Education.”   We discussed the academic uses of podcasting in higher education.  This includes the process of developing training, including the steps taken in deciding what should be included in the training for instructional uses and issues and concerns instructors should keep in mind when considering the use of podcasting for their courses.  We also discussed podcasting best practices and the student response to the use of podcasting as an instructional tool.  Below are the slides from our presentation…
The Use and Impact of Podcasting in Higher Education
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We are getting ready to roll-out podcasting here at our university. It has been over a year in the making. We began with a pilot last summer, but it has taken this long to work out all of the kinks of technical and policy. We had intended on using iTunes U but that has been put on hold for reasons I won’t go in to. We ended up developing our own internal solution. We got the idea from Mississippi State University but ended up developing are own from scratch. We use LDAP authentication so that only our faculty, staff, and students will have access to the application. Only faculty and staff have access to create podcasts and students have access to view podcasts.

We hope to be able to implement iTunes U at a later date, but we have run into road blocks with that so we are not sure when that will come about.

Many discussions of policy about use, accessibility, and best practices went into this before we are arriving at this point. We are set to release our solution university wide July 1st and so now I am feeling the pressure to finish all of the documentation as we will be offering our first training in just a few weeks.

In training, I plan to not only talk about the technical side of podcasting, but also include information about the pedagogy as well. I think it is is important to emphasize certain best practices and using the technology appropriately for their courses.

As we get materials up on our Web site, I will post links to those.

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Ask the Techies Podcast

I have been listening to the Ask the Techies podcast for a few months now.  It is produced by D. Lee Beard from Ohio University along with Ohio University students.  They provides tips and reviews on all types of technological content.  I have learned some great tips through this podcast.  You can subscribe to the podcast or pick and choose videos to watch on their Web site.

Some of the episodes can be a little long, but they provide great descriptions of each episode so you can pick and choose what you think would be helpful.

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