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Features, Technical Problems and Technical Support in Wimba Classroom

At the 2010 Creating Futures Through Technology conference, along with my colleagues Mary Nell McNeese, Ph.D., and Jalynn Roberts, Ph.D., we presented on the research study we conducted about the use of Wimba Classroom at multiple institutions.  We surveyed 4 institutions to collect data regarding how Wimba Classroom is being used and what the perceptions of students and faculty are regarding its use.  To view the presentation, visit the link below:
Features, Technical Problems and Technical Support in Wimba Classroom
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eLearning Approach to Increase Enrollment, Retention, and Graduation Rates

My colleague, Sheri Rawls, and myself gave this presentation at the 2010 Creating Futures Through Technology Conference in March.  We spoke about the e-learning initiative The University of Southern Mississippi has undertaken to increase student and faculty satisfaction in our online programs as well as improve enrollment, retention, and graduation rates.  This is an ongoing project that will continue to improve our online programs.  The project included 5 main workstreams: Faculty Development, Course Development, Change Management, Scheduling, and Financial Model.  Through a partnership with Blackboard, we have been able to grow our online programs and ensure a satisfying experience for our online students.

To view our presentation, please click on the link below:

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Promoting the Scholarship of Teaching by Forming Connections

At the 2010 Mississippi Educational Computing Association Conference in February my colleague, Gallayannee Yaoyuneyong and I gave a presentation on “Promoting the Scholarship of Teaching by Forming Connections.”  In this presentation we discussed the experiences we have had as an instructor and instructional technologist working together to implement technology in the classroom.  We talked about the connection we have formed and how we have learned from each other and through our different experiences and backgrounds it has had a positive influence on how we use technology and work in our respective fields.  We also discussed the instructional design process used from the both the perspective of an instructor and an instructional designer. To view our presentation, click on the link below:

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