RSS Overload

I have been using RSS feeds for a while now so that information comes to me and I don’t have to always go out looking for it.  I have found that it is a great way to fulfill my quest for learning without having to go out and search all the time.  I subscribe to blogs, news feeds, and podcasts.  When I happen upon a new RSS feed that looks interesting I will add it to my growing list of feeds.  My problem, now, is trying to keep up with all of these sources of information.  I try to read at least a lit bit everday as well as listen to a podcast or two, but my feeds bring in more information daily than I can get to.  I would love to be able to read, listen, and watch everything that comes into my inbox, but I can’t seem to find the time.  I am struggling with where to draw the line because there is so much good information out there I want to learn from.

On the other hand, how amazing it is that we live in a time where there is such a wealth of information available on any subject available right at our fingertips 24/7.


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