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Instructional Design

I am currently taking a course to learn more about instructional design theories and how to implement techniques to make sure the learning outcomes are achieved.  I have seen so many online courses that have no rhyme or reason to how they are organized.  There are so many components to creating a good course whether face-to-face or online, but sometimes I think faculty forget to think about their audience (their students) before developing a course.  Instead of just putting content together, it is so important to evaluate what you want your students to get out of the course first.

I read a great blog post titled What Everbody Ought to Know About Instructional Design in the The Rapid eLearning Blog by Tom Kuhlmann.  If you don’t have a chance to read the whole article, watching the included video from youTube will open your eyes to how much you can miss that is right in front of you.


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