Eyejot is a video messaging tool that allows you to create a video message to send to someone else. Eyejot allows you to create a free account and create video messages for up to 1 minute for free to send to any e-mail address.

This is a very cool tool. Sometimes it is hard to put what you want to say in text form and having a video message option can make your messages more personal. This is a great option to send greetings to family and friends who you might not have been able to see in a while. I am always a little nervous being on camera (not my favorite thing), but I really like this tool.

This tool has a lot of potential for use in education. For classes that meet completely online, it is a nice way to create a community among the class by having them each record an introduction message which makes it feel more like you know the people in your class. This would also be great for students to practice to help alleviate their fears of being in front of the camera to record presentations for class.

Tools like EyeJot will become more of norm as more and more courses continue to go online. The downside to this tool is the limit of 1 minute messages on the free account. They do have paid accounts as well. EyeJot PRO bumps the recording time up to 5 minutes a message and the ability to upload pre-recorded video. It is $29.95 a year. They also have a PRO Plus account that is $99.95 a year which allows you to add your own branding/logos to the EyeJot messages and attach documents to your messages. You can compare the features of each account using a the comparison chart on their Web site.


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