Google Page Creator

There are many of the google apps that I have found to be very helpful in my daily life, such as Google Docs, that allows you to share and edit documents with colleagues, friends, etc. Me and my colleagues often use this when working on projects and it makes it a lot easier to work on documents together.

One of the Google apps that I’ve had recent experience with, I was not too thrilled about. Google Page Creator, although free, I didn’t find it very user-friendly. If you need to get a really simple Web page/site up really quickly, it could do the job for you, but I quickly got very frustrated when I was trying to use some of the tools and they wouldn’t work the way you would expect them to. They have an ‘Edit HTML’ option which I even tried to use, but it didn’t even render my HTML code properly. Another frustrating thing was when I tried to organize and format the HTML so that it was more readable when I saved it and went back it didn’t save my formats, it jumbled all of the HTML together to make it unreadable again.


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