Welcome to The Instructional Technologist’s Blog

This blog has been set up as a place to discuss different technological tools that are available to use in instruction. It is also a place to discuss the challenges in using technology for instruction and best practices in instructional design. Instructional technology is the idea of using technology to enhance the learning experience. Instructional design is the process of applying a systematic approach in the designing of learning to ensure the most effective learning is taking place.

This blog will include tips and tricks learned from the perspective of an instructional technologist. Teaching faculty to use technology appropriately in the classroom can be very challenging, but can be very rewarding too when you see how the technology enhances the learning experience for the students. Technology is not meant to replace the act of instruction by the faculty member it is only meant to enhance the learning experience for the students and to aid the faculty member in finding new an exciting ways to make the learning experience fun.

I am an Instructional Technologist at a university in the United States and would like to use this blog to share what we are doing at our university with technology. I would love to get feedback from others and open up a dialog about how other organizations are using technology in education.


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