Virtual Classrooms are a new way to improve distance education

Virtual classrooms are becoming more popular in distance education. A virtual classroom is a virtual meeting room space that is fully-featured with audio, video, text chatting, and application sharing. It also includes an electronic white board, and allows the instructor to upload their presentations and images to share with the class. The virtual classroom will also give the instructor the user management tools to control the classroom. Some examples of virtual classrooms on the market include Eluminate Live and Wimba Live Classroom.

The video and audio in virtual classrooms allows for the simulation of a face-to-face course. It makes it possible for courses that might not have been able to be online in the past because of the lack of interaction now possible. There are some hindrances to using virtual classrooms in courses. It is not always possible for students to have the technology that is needed to make it effective. For example, using a dial-up connection can often make the experience very difficult.

We use Wimba Classroom which has really helped enhance our distance learning programs. For courses that really needed a way to interact effectively it has helped tremendously to make that happen.


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  1. radhika said is one such online learning platform focussed on empowering teachers to make learning more effective, efficient and intuitive. It is equipped with live audio-video communication, chat, content sharing, and session recording capabilities. It doesnot require any download since it works with any web browser and on any operating system. WiZiQ is a platform that is experiential in nature, and is the most advanced method of online teaching It also acts as an alternative to offline teaching and provides the same touch and feel of classroom coaching
    WiZiQ has also introduced a Live Class module for Moodle which makes it possible for teachers to schedule and launch free virtual classroom sessions on WiZiQ right from within Moodle.

    The explosion of the knowledge age has changed the context of what is learnt and how it is learnt – WiZiQ is a manifestation of this knowledge revolution.

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